Animals Listing:

All animals will use the form of the guiding creatures and natural things od; unless they are modified or presented with an adjective. Then bi will be used instead. So you’d use od gli ; ar for the cat and bi ; gli ; ar vef zulb for the white cat.

Only some animals are presented on this list.

gliar – cat (subtle, beauty, equality, resource)
meyar – dog (request, noble, resource
tial – fish (shining, equality, source)
elazz – reptile (immortal, end, great)                                              
odelazz – lizard (creature, immortal, end, great, reptile)
yatpj – horse (nobility, biological, transport / vehicle)                                                
zonome – donkey (work, people, alone, request)
zpiza – mouse (see / notice, about, chaos, worldly)                                             
ikru – rodent (illness, release, do)
zkiad – penguin (strong, health, equality, temporary)                                           
nakathi – elephant (wisdom, conquest, biological, record, birth)
guot – bee (benefit, you)                                                      
gladi – butterfly (subtle, end, temporary, natural / nature)
negib – fly (close / proximity, out, food)              
tirhiz – gnat (obvious / shining, hate, birth, chaos)
chelod – insect (air, history, creature)    
niorb – short lived insect (new, humble, touch)
kevii – rabbit (self sustaining . aw how cute)
aeshi – guinea pig (energy, yes, reality, birth)
chagich – shark (water prowler)
zjirvi – spider (tiny city beast)   
odozjr – bear (rest in cold)
zabne – rat (worldly, slave, close / in proximity)  
chocha – amphibian (ground / water)
gikro – dinosaur (food, illness, release, pride)

Obviously a few more will be added in due time.


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