Introducing Hanian:

Hanian is a constructed language created originally for use in a science fiction story universe. Spoken in universe by a collective of planet conquering aliens it has been specifically created to feel, sound and be alien. Since it’s used by the Yaranian (Yara for short) it is based on a culture which isn’t human, though many words commonly used on earth have been adapted and translated into the language. This was done not only to help increase contemporary use of the language but also because in universe the cultures clash when the Yara show up on earth in modern times. Of course being as they are they promptly colonize the same and proceed to rename everything under the sun into their speech; giving us things like tiny city beast, the spider.

The language is the product of many hours of work, since I spent a good 10, 000 hours of effort to create and perfect it word by word over the last two years. It’s ongoing in it’s construction and will likely be completed in several more years. However, it’s already more complete than many other constructed languages as it boasts a vocabulary of over 4000 words and can be used to communicate a number of complex concepts.

It wasn’t created to be like other languages, as such, it differs from them in many ways. Not only by how it looks or how it’s used but by the very way it is defined as a language. The things which set it apart are to numerous to list, so perhaps it’s best to just immerse yourself into it as I post about it here on this blog. I’m not a linguist so I won’t be using many fancy terms but rather let you discover cool things about it as you go along.

If you are a linguist you might appreciate various things in Hanian that aren’t conventionally found in other languages. Many of you reading this blog may also come across the language in writings or projects and thus become curious about it from those angles. For example, fans of the chaha series may find it fascinating to learn more about the yara culture, or simply wish to translate something scum happens to be saying to a beloved character in the books. Some may even enjoy learning the language themselves or talk about it to others sharing a cool new word they’ve seen here. Since it is used contemporary as well there may eventually be speakers and additional uses for this language.

I’m not only going to use this blog to showcase the language but also talk about it’s construction. In addition I’ll also post bits in it here for you to see; sometimes in context of the story series or other projects which may feature it. Lastly I will post study materials, word lists and whatever other creative ways of learning and teaching it I can get my hands on.

Hopefully some of you will come to love this language as much as I do and become as passionate as I have in the last few years.


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