Punctuation in Hanian:

This is one of the more unique things about the language is the way how punctuation is handled. It is probably one of the few, if not the only language, having spoken punctuation. Some of them are quite forward and identical to
ones we use in English, but some aren’t.

nid – comma or segmentation break.
pha – period or concept break; ends it with no special case. As used in English.
dep – used like a period but my thought continues.Similar to a semi colon in English.
aaa – the energy ends here, kinda like a period, but not really. More like a change topic marker.
ped – period, my thought finishes but I wish input from you. Closest to a triple dot.
dop – exclamation point; sometimes used to emphasize a command.
pud – direct question mark; very pushy. Explain it to me; now!
muv – regular question mark, still solicits answer back; gentler form of tell me.
vid – half period; something like a list or coordinates or quantification follows.
shela – complete break of concept; the energy absolutely ends here! I’m done talking about this.

Be aware this is the words which are used in a sentence or a paragraph instead of the symbols we use here; they are written and spoken; as such they have each a word as can be seen above. Yes, some are rare, but others are quite specific.


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