dinosaur – gikro

Take for instance a dinosaur. One of my constructed species had co-existence with dinosaurs in the beginning of their existence. Being lizards, well that kind of fits doesn’t it. If there had ever really been lizard things here, then it’s likely they would have been around back then. So anyhow, they called the great beasts gikro. How might this have arrived from bases of food, illness, release and pride?


Some crazy fools would have tried to hunt or even more insanely attempted to tame them. Success in those areas (or just surviving an encounter with one) would have given a source of intense pride. Illness, well that’s another one of those things. Some things you only eat once and dinosaur flesh would likely have caused some food poisoning since it’s sure the left overs would have spoiled without refrigeration. (Or by what the creature ate last). Like those puffer fish of today’s culture. If you survived eating it you’d have intense pride, everyone else just got really sick and / or died. This would have led to interesting coming of age rituals and some matching sports to remember. So whatever it would have been called at first, the name would have quickly been changed to this to warn future generations of the dangers!

Not a far cry from that to modern times when flying a gravity manipulation craft manually serves as a coming to age ritual. That’s what happened in Roswell in my con culture, a lizard juvenile brown snout didn’t hit the gravity right and met the planet up close and personal.  Like a lizard would say: “The ground comes fast!” especially when duking it out with gravity.


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