A few quick Hanian modifiers:

In Hanian suffixes and prefixes do not exist, yet modifiers do. Plenty of them in fact. So here are a few of them dealing with categorizing in a very specific manner.

zlish – enable, enabled, something which makes something happen or helps

vad – doing it now; at this very moment, is now, being, etc (used for emphasis with verbs)
taulotau ; lo in the past; was in the past
oltaol ; ta– in the future, will be or become in the future

ratara ; ta thing which belongs to someone, mod for mine, yours, etc

end – to or of (location)
ond – location modifier

dovodo ; vo person who does

tapt – thing that does (on it’s own) like a program…
taptotap ; to machine, thing that lets you do X

The most famous modifier? That would have to be she, which means to take any concept and change it to the opposite meaning, usually for emphasis. So to say anti – love is to say hate with a bit of extra flair to it. It’s not pronounced like he or she though, but rather like sheh.  The e sounds like in the beginning of Shelby or Sherlock. Stick an eh on it and you’re doing great!

All of these are placed before the word they modify. It’s just a small sample of what’s going to be available when it is all said and done. Not sure if this exists in other languages or if it’s a new word form.