gnozu – conlang unique word

Hanian Conlang – gno ; zu – relaxing alone on devices

Constructed Language Unique Words

Word # 5: relaxing alone watching TV or being on a computer – gnozu [gno ; zu]


With as much as people game online for hours as well as come home to vegetate in front of their devices, it’s a miracle this word didn’t get invented before this. Well, any sufficiently advanced technological society will have a word to describe people who relax on their own with technology of various types. From gaming on consoles, to listening to iPods all the way to engaging in virtual reality. Even just plain watching TV. This term can also be used to describe the strange duality of being so connected and yet still so lonely. Everyone is texting and chatting on their devices, but no one is interacting with their neighbors anymore. Almost everyone does some form of activity that could be considered gnozu.

medium, alone, relax, light

Medium as in communication or visual medium. Alone as in doing it by yourself, you’re in isolation sometimes physically other times mentally. Relaxing from it being not work related by to chill out and vegetate away. You don’t have to be active, you don’t have to think. Light from the light of the screen which illuminates your face even in the darkness.

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